Why use an Independent Home Energy Audit company?

Why use an independent Home Energy Audit company?

There are several reasons why using an independent home energy audit company makes sense.

Independent home energy audit companies are unbiased. They have your best interests in mind.

Someone who wants to sell you a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, swamp cooler, windows, doors or insulation may not have your best interests in mind. Look for a company that doesn’t have other products or services to sell. A lack of attachment to any vendor means your audit report will be unbiased. An independent home energy professional’s reputation depends on itsintegrity.

An independent audit will save you money.

Often a few less expensive changes suggested by an unbiased auditor – for example, sealing, insulation and window treatments – cost less yet have a greater effect than what a salesperson is recommending. So get an independent evaluation before considering changes.

CAZ testing - The auditor will test for the dangerous emission of toxic gases if there is a combustion appliance zone (CAZ) .These services are essential to ensure safety in the home.
The auditor will test for the dangerous emission of toxic gases that is a result of leaky pipes.

Look for an experienced Home Energy Building Professional.

An unbiased audit is based on building science. It makes sense to plan improvements based on the results of the data gathered in an independent home energy audit.

Rebates will be available to you.

Independent home energy audits performed by Xcel-approved partners qualify for rebates. Further, they can complete and submit the forms for you.

Bottom line, you can rely on an independent home energy auditor.

Use a company that is honest and independent. Interview a few until you feel comfortable that you have found a reputable company.

For an unbiased home energy auditor, talk to Green Home Consulting at 720.400.4233.

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