Thinking About Solar? Get Unbiased Advice.

Thinking about solar energy for your home?
You need unbiased advice.

Does solar energy make financial sense for my house?

As a BPI-certified building analyst, I am often asked whether residential solar energy makes sense in terms of return on investment. (For those who simply want to go green, you’ve probably already looked into it, at least briefly.  And maybe you’ve just done it! That’s great – we support saving the planet!)  But if you want an answer to whether it really makes financial sense, some analysis is required. And probably not by a solar salesman.

How do I figure out if solar energy makes sense for my house?

The only way to know whether the numbers add up is to do an energy audit. During the audit, a building analyst evaluates your home’s roof space, pitch, azimuth and shading factors.

Next, we look at your energy bills. We review your home’s electric consumption (kilowatt-hours) over a calendar year. This is compared to the potential panel production on the roof surfaces annually.

Other factors, such as available local and federal incentives, are also taken into account. In essence, that is how we come up with a recommendation to determine whether solar is worth pursuing.

Modern solar energy panels installed on home
These are solar photovoltaic panels installed on a home's roof. This provides clean energy and is a sustainable alternative energy derived from natural resources.
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Are there other benefits to an energy audit?

Yes. An energy audit will likely reveal several other things you can do to make the home be more efficient. Some will be very quick and inexpensive to implement. Others may take a little more effort. However, the return on your investment is usually well worth it.  There’s a lot you’ll learn from an energy audit besides whether solar makes sense for your home. Even if you don’t implement solar, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Home with solar panels - the new panels today can hardly be seen!
Home with solar panels - the new panels today can hardly be seen!

Trust an honest, unbiased professional to figure out what you really need.

You’ll be glad you did. Green Home Consulting would be honored to help you sort out the issues. Find out if it makes financial sense for you to have a solar home.

Learn more. Schedule an appointment. Call 720.400.4233 now..

No longer are solar panels bluish-green with aluminum edging. Now they can be sleek panels that just look modern.

P.S. Need to know more before you call?  Visit our Solar Evaluation page on Green Home Consulting’s website.


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