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If you are considering solar energy for your home, get unbiased advice first.

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What is a Solar Energy System?

Panorama frame Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof. Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof for providing sustainable alternative energy from natural resources

A Solar Energy System (also known as a Solar Power System, Photovoltaic System or PV System) is a system designed to supply usable solar energy by means of photovoltaic panels to your home. The photovoltaic cells in the panels convert sunlight directly into electricity.

The system is comprised of several components. This includes solar panels that absorb and convert sunlight into electricity; a solar inverter that converts the output from direct to alternating current; and mounting, cabling, and other electrical accessories. All these components are arranged in a particular fashion to produce electricity. It is an alternative to the traditional electricity that is purchased from a utility company.

Home with solar panels - the new panels today can hardly be seen!
Home with solar panels - the new panels today can hardly be seen!

What does it cost to go solar?

The cost of installing a solar power system depends on a number of factors. That’s where the solar representative comes in. Factors to determine your system’s output and therefore cost include:
1. your monthly and annual energy usage.
2. the size of your roof and its orientation
3. the capacity (wattage, efficiency) of the panels
4. solar rate plans offered by your local power utility
5. the availability of e
nergy buyback programs available through your utility company
6. Rate and term options are based on your household financial qualifications

Your solar evaluation will help you figure it out.

Don’t put the cart before the horse!  Figure out if solar makes financial sense first.

Hey! Some people just want to go green, whether it brings them a return on investment or not.. That's great. Go for it. Why should you still do the energy audit? The solar evaluation is included, and you'll learn a lot more about all the other factors that go into being green.

Does Solar Energy make financial sense for my home?

As BPI-certified building analysts, Green Home Consulting is often asked about whether solar energy makes sense in terms of a return on investment.

If you want an answer to whether it really makes financial sense, serious analysis is required. And not by a solar salesperson, whose main interest is most likely to sell you a solar system.

A home energy audit report takes about three-to-four hours to prepare.

To figure it out, you need independent advice...based on building science.

Have an independent, unbiased BPI-certified building analyst do a home energy audit as part of the solar energy evaluation.  Why? The audit will give you a total picture of how to save energy dollars and make your home more comfortable. The analyst will consider the many factors that influence whether solar energy is right for you, and how to make the most of your energy dollars.

What does a solar evaluation entail?

During the home energy audit, our building analyst evaluates your home’s roof space, pitch, azimuth and shading factors.

Next, we look at your energy bills. We review your home’s electric consumption (kilowatt-hours) over a calendar year. This is compared to the potential panel production on the roof surfaces annually.

Other factors, such as available local and federal incentives, are also taken into account.

With all factors considered, we produce a comprehensive audit report including a recommendation as to whether solar is worth pursuing in your case.

So I've done an energy audit, and it doesn't look like solar makes financial sense. Are there other benefits to an energy audit?

Yes. Your energy audit will likely reveal several other things you can do to make the home more efficient. Some will be very quick and inexpensive to implement. Others may take a little more effort, but the return on your investment is usually well worth it.

There’s a lot you’ll learn from an energy audit besides whether solar makes sense for your home. Even if you don’t implement solar, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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Something to consider...

The Federal Tax Rebate drops from 26% to 22% at the end of 2020. Why not get the biggest rebate possible?

Colorado is getting closer to its 30% renewable energy target. When we reach that target, incentives and tax credits may no longer be offered.

A solar home is a comfortable, energy-efficient home.
A solar home is a comfortable, energy-efficient home. There are so many reasons to go green. Check out the benefits below:

What are the benefits of going solar?

  • Save money. Going solar can lock in your electric rate and avoid future rate increases. You can take advantage of both utility incentives and  the federal tax credit. Since our state requires Colorado utilities to offer net metering, you will optimize the savings from your solar system. And, since Colorado has higher-than-average power costs, your overall return on investment for installation of residential solar panels is a bit higher than in other states.
  • Increase your home’s value.   According to a recent Zillow analysis, homes with residential solar energy systems nationwide sold for more on average than homes without solar systems. Studies have also shown that solar homes, on average, sell faster.
  • Even out your energy bills. By using Net Metering, generate some or all their own electricity to use anytime, instead of only when it’s generated. Use energy generated during the day at night, Use annual net metering to generate energy in the summer for use in the winter.
  • Earn money. Generate more energy than you need, and sell it back to your utility company.
  • Save the earth. The average size solar system is the equivalent of planting 100 full-grown trees every year!
  • Support our communities. Solar energy supports local businesses and contributes to energy independence,

Read more about the benefits of going solar.

Fossil fuels are a finite polluting resource while solar power is clean and renewable. Solar energy supports local businesses, contributes to energy independence,
Fossil fuels are a finite polluting resource while solar power is clean and renewable. Solar energy supports local businesses. It also contributes to our country's energy independence.

Trust an honest, unbiased professional to figure out whether solar makes sense for your home.

Green Home Consulting would be honored to help you sort out the issues. Find out if it makes financial sense for you to go solar. You’ll be glad you did.

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