Ice dams: Problem lurking in your attic?

ICE DAMMING: A problem lurking in your attic?

Icicles are typically the result of ice damming.
Although pretty and nostalgic, it can cause major problems in your attic.

Ice dams are the result of uneven temperatures along your roof.

Ice damming results from the ice build-up of melted snow on the lower much colder eaves and gutters of the sloped roof.

The situation occurs when heat escapes from the home into the attic and is not exhausted properly. Warm air settles at the attic’s roof peak, thawing the snow.  The water then drips toward the eave and gutter. That’s where the temperature is still freezing. Over the course of a few days, ice dams and large icicles start to form.

How does ice damming lead to problems?

Ice damming often leads to damaged gutters and popped shingles. It can create water issues in the attic, exterior walls and ceilings. It can result in mold, warping, leaks, damaged walls and more.

Plus…the icicles caused by the damming become dangerous to people underneath if they crack and fall off.  And, as the icicles melt and the water refreezes, your walkways become an ice-skating rink!

Icicles form as a result of ice dams
Icicles drip on the walkway and when it gets cold, the water refreezes.


factors considered by a
Home Energy Auditor
to correct a home’s
ice dam issues:

  1. Proper air sealing

  2. Effective insulation

  3. Balanced attic ventilation

What’s the solution to ice dams?

There are several solutions, depending on the situation. The goal is to prevent heat from escaping through proper air sealing, insulation and balanced attic ventilation. Hire a home energy professional such as Green Home Consulting to evaluate the ice damming.

As part of an energy audit, your home energy auditor will conduct a blower door test and use an infrared camera. The goal is to determine the air-tightness of your ceiling, as well as where your ceiling is losing excessive heat. Then the auditor will make recommendations as to how to properly fix the situation.

Are the benefits big?

Yes! This will save you from future repair projects.  It will increase the efficiency and comfort of your home.  Plus, you’ll increase the safety of your walkways!

But first…

Green Home Consulting recommends that you not fix interior damage until your walls and ceilings are dry. You should correct heat loss problems at the same time you do your repairs.

To learn more about fixing ice dams…

Contact Green Home Consulting at 720.400.4233.


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