Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Ah, the weather!

One day it's too hot.

The next day it's cold.

Colorado weather really varies.

This summer, it was hot.  Seriously toasty! In fact, Denver experienced 26 days above 90 degrees in August 2020. We tied the record for the hottest August on record!  One day it’s hot. The next day the meteorologists are forecasting freezing.

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a very cold winter. They say we can expect “some very intense cold snaps and snowfall” in the Rockies.

Hot out? Cool off. This is one way.
When it gets hot in Colorado, it gets really hot! Recently we had many record-breaking days.

As we head into fall...

Get ready. This summer, consider how much extra heat entered your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder? Any idea how much heat you’ll lose when it gets really cold? You’ll lose plenty if your house isn’t sealed, insulated and ventilated properly.

Your energy bills and comfort will be a reflection of this highly variable weather.

You can do something about it.

The good news is, you definitely can do something about it. Starting right now.

If your goals are to be more comfortable in your home and save money on utility bills, consult an expert. The expertise of a certified building professional can properly evaluate your home’s insulation, sealing and ventilation.  Do a home energy audit and take advantage of that expertise.

Need a blanket? Regulate and even out the temperature and drafts in your home.
Need a blanket? Regulate and even out the temperature in your home. Get control of those annoying, and expensive, drafts too!
Convective loops can cause drafts in your home. You can do something about convective looping in your home.

Get a home energy audit. Call now!


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