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A home energy audit is the first step to a greener home - or the ultimate goal - a green home!

Energy Audits

A home energy audit is an assessment to determine if, and where, your home is wasting energy.

Blower door test - part of testing for a green home!

Blower Door Tests

Mandatory for many construction projects. This test measures the air infiltration (air leakage) rate of a home.

An infrared scan, interpreted by a trained auditor, will reveal hot and cold air escaping, depending on the season.

Infrared Imaging

Detect hidden places where your home leaks energy. Usually performed along with a blower door test.

CAZ testing - The auditor will test for the dangerous emission of toxic gases if there is a combustion appliance zone (CAZ) .These services are essential to ensure safety in the home.

CAZ Testing

Green Home Consulting verifies that proper ventilation exists, and that combustion appliances operate safely.

This is the testing equipment that is used in pre-post testing, also known as Test-in Test-Out services.

Pre-Post Project Testing

Pre-test to establish a baseline. After home energy improvements, post-test to determine safety and energy savings. (Test-in Test-out)

Modern solar energy panels installed on home

Solar Evaluation

Is solar energy right for your home?
Schedule an unbiased, independent solar evaluation to save money and make your home more comfortable.








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Home Energy Blog

Your Home’s Duct System – A Key to Efficiency & Comfort

Vulnerabilities in your duct system lead to inconsistent temperatures from room to room and from level to level.  As the air flows, air pressure is lost through unsealed connections, elbow joints. and insulation [...] Read More

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Ah, the weather!

Do something about your home being too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. Yes, you can If your goal is to be more comfortable in your home and save money, consult an expert to do a home energy audit. Read More

It’s smoky outdoors. How about inside?

Even when it is smoky or the outside air is polluted, you can have excellent indoor air quality. . Here's how we suggest going about it. Read More

What clients say about Green Home Consulting...

"Green Home Consulting did a home energy audit on the recommendation of our realtor. The auditor found air leakage and insulation issues throughout our home. We fixed the things he recommended at minimal cost. Big savings. Our bills are way lower now."
Meryl Glickman, Homeowner, Centennial, Colorado
“Our bills are way lower now.”
“Our bills are way lower now.”
"The Home Energy Audit illuminated very specific issues that we can address to improve our comfort and save energy (and money).  Nick was very thorough and professional. The process couldn't have been easier! We highly recommend his business!" Charlotte Brody Homeowner, Centennial, CO
Highly recommend…
Highly recommend…
"As a building contractor, Green Home Consulting is my go-to vendor for an Energy Efficiency Specialist and for Blower Door tests. Nick is always quick to respond and schedule my projects, whether for a routine Blower Door test or a more elaborate energy efficiency test. His knowledge is much appreciated. Thank you, Green Home Consulting." Ian Price, Contractor, Forest St. Builders LLC, Denver, CO
“The Contractor’s Go-To Vendor”
“The Contractor’s Go-To Vendor”
"At the last minute during a house remodel, I discovered I needed to get a blower door permit to satisfy regulations. When I called, you responded immediately with, "Let me see if I can fit you in ASAP." And you did! Thanks, Green Home Consulting, for showing up later that day. Truly great service." John S., Contractor, Thornton, Colorado
“Great service”
“Great service”
"As a contractor, I have worked together with Nick and Green Home Consulting on a number of home energy projects. His knowledge of building science is exceptional. Homeowners can be confident that Green Home Consulting will deliver welcome solutions for the home." Brennan P., Contractor, Littleton, CO
Thank you for a great job on our home energy audit. Green Home Consulting walked me around the house and attic, explaining the issues and how to fix them. I received a detailed, well-written report with prioritized recommendations. They took care of the paperwork for the rebate. I couldn't have asked for a better audit experience. Thank you!  Karan Singh Sahni, Homeowner, Aurora, Colorado
“Thank you for the home energy audit.”
“Thank you for the home energy audit.”

Energy 101: Home Energy Assessment

Learn what a big difference a home energy audit can make in your home.
U.S. Dept. of Energy

The first step is to meet with your Green Home Consulting energy auditor.

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